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It's Been a While

Yes, it's been a while since I last wrote my blog, and so much has happened in that time. I don't quite know how to sum up the year so far for me as I have experienced highs and lows. There is the depression of lockdown caused by the dreaded Covid 19, but I am so thankful that I and those close to me have avoided the worst of it so far. However, I did have a dreadful dry cough which began on 2nd January, peaked by the end of that month with fever and feeling awful, before very slowly fading away, but not until the end of February. This was before there much talk of Covid 19, and even my doctor didn't mention it when I saw him at the time. I now wonder if it was in the UK earlier than first thought.

Even if I did have it, I got off lightly compared to some who have sadly lost their lives or been left with permanent health issues or lost loved ones. Many more have lost their livelihood and their way of life and my heart goes out to them.

But I have to give a massive THANK YOU to the NHS for their hard work on the front line and hope that all those who supported them, even if just with applause every Thursday evening during the early weeks, continue to value them when all this is over. They worked hard before Covid 19 and will continue to work hard after. Let us not forget.

I mentioned highs I've experienced also this year, my son was married, fortunately before lockdown, and I have had two additional grandchildren born during May. It was two months before we were able to meet them for the first time which was hard, but they were delivered safely, and mothers and babies are doing great.

I thought I would have used my time being trapped at home to write more, including the 2nd book of the Terrapenta series, but my frame of mind hasn't been right. Maybe, when this terrible pandemic starts to show real signs of going away, I will resume my writing.

I have now taken down the final chapter in the serialisation of The Terrapenta Project, and hope to start uploading some of my other works in the near future.

Stay safe.

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