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‘The Warlord’s of Shreen’ chapter 29 was uploaded today and will remain for a few days, at least until Tuesday 8th Oct when the final chapter goes on. I did say in an earlier blog that the final book would not be uploaded in the same way but offered for free to anyone requesting a copy. Those who have requested it will receive copies, but instead of continuing this offer, I have decided to upload the final novel in the series, ‘Carnival of the Otherworld’ chapter by chapter in the same way as the first three books.

As we are now in Halloween month, I will be creating a special page where I will describe some real life incidents which I have experienced over the years. Every one of these very short tales are mostly true and the reader is to make of them as you will. The first will go live on Monday 7th October and be replaced every few days until the 31st. I hope you enjoy them.

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