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I’ve lived in Liverpool all my life born into a family with roots in Ireland, Yorkshire and London. All my family apart from me and my wife have long since left Liverpool to spread across the globe, even as far as New Zealand. It feels like my ancestors all congregated in Liverpool, dropped me off then scarpered. 


Even as a child I wanted to write a book but I never had the patience to continue beyond the first page. I’d think up all sorts of good ideas, begin to plan the book out chapter by chapter, then start to write. As soon as I lifted my head and looked outside, I’d drop my pen, pick up a football and I was gone, just like the novel I was writing.   


Despite the many failed attempts up to my teens, the thought of completing a novel stayed with me as an adult throughout my career as a telecoms technician and then as a driving instructor. In 2012 I decided I’d been employed enough for one lifetime, so I gave up my driving school giving me the opportunity to do something about completing a novel.


After all the years of trying, ‘The Storyteller’s Book’ finally arrived, now joined by 'The Mines of Kothkish', The Warlords of Shreen' and finally 'Carnival of the Otherworld, having travelled from the chaotic disorder inside my brain, to the laptop, then on through the ether as eBooks, before landing with a couple of eThuds on the eBookshelves out there.  

And now they've even made it into print. And to take it a step further, I've also started 'The Terrapenta' series and dabbled with a couple of short novelettes.



My long-suffering wife has learned to live with my fanciful ideas by developing a resigned, amiable derision towards them. We have two grown up children who are building lives for themselves with their partners elsewhere in the country.


Over the years I’ve played the violin in amateur symphony orchestras, attempted to learn how to fly (a plane), but gave up after 8 hours, dabbled in the stock market, looked into buying a racehorse (which did not get past the resigned amiable derision) and now I’ve finally published these  books. 



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