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Sorry I haven’t spoken much lately but I’ve been really busy with a number of things. I’ve just about managed to keep up with uploading the serialisation of 'The Chronicles of Midway' and will continue to do so while people are still reading.

I do love readers sending emails to me about the books, even those who use very few words to describe what they think. Please don’t be shy about contacting me, I promise you will not be bombarded with spam or anything else. Even if you want to be critical, I won’t bite back, I welcome constructive criticism. Fortunately, most people seem quite happy with the story so far.

As a thank you to those who have kept up to date with the serial, I am going to offer prizes of a signed paperback copy of each of the first two books in the series. I will let you know what you need to do in a couple of days when I upload the next chapter. It will involve answering two simple questions about the books. Please watch out for that.

We're getting close to the end of 'The Mines of Kothkish' and of course, the next book 'The Warlords of Shreen' will continue straight after.

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