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Last chapter coming up on the 6th Nov

Yes, I'm up to the last chapter of 'The Storyteller's Book', and tomorrow I will upload it to the website. I know I have quite a few who have followed the story over the last 21 chapters and your views and comments are always welcome.

I have been asked if I will be continuing on with the second book in the series, 'The Mines of Kothkish', and my answer is yes. As long as there is interest from readers I will be continuing through the whole series to the end, so the more who drop me a line to simply say: 'yes, continue,' the more encouragement it gives me to go on.

Other comments I have received from readers concerns the number of unanswered questions that have cropped up in the book so far, like Samuel and Whelan who appear to be vampires but are not. What is going on with them? I've been asked.

The answer to that and other unaddressed issues is that all secrets will be revealed over the series. There are many more secrets to unearth about Little Meesden and the Shreen race who have latched themselves onto Earth. There are more characters to be introduced who have their own mysteries which have to be explored.

Whenever I read books or watch TV or movies, I hate it when questions are left unanswered, so with my own stories, the answers are always revealed. The reader may have to wait, but they will always come.

So, tomorrow, the final chapter will be uploaded. Then, around the 12th November, 'The Mines of Kothkish' will begin.

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