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Half Way Through Book 1

I'm half way through the serialisation of 'The Storyteller's Book', so for those who may just be joining at this point here is a quick summary of where we're up to:

After discovering and reading from an old book in the attic of their home, twins, Nick and Mel, ventured across the road with their friends to a derelict house to investigate the story they'd just read from it. It concerned a hooded man who occupied the spooky old house. When they entered, they discovered the legend to be true as they were chased by the monster who lived there. To further their horror, they had been confronted by the ghosts of three of his victims appealing to them as they hurriedly left. It appears whenever a story is read aloud from the mysterious book, the story comes life.

They were then awakened in the night by strange musical sounds which reverberated throughout the village while odd looking monk-like people stood opposite their house seemingly watching them.

To add to these strange events, one of their elderly neighbours, Mrs. Brimlington, began acting in an odd manner towards them. When things looked as though they couldn't get any more bizarre, their parents take them out of school and drive them across the country to a place called, Midway.

After just one night in the hotel run by their Aunt Enid, Nick and Mel's parents disappear leaving the twins to discover Midway for themselves. They meet two boys who act as though they are vampires, another boy who lives with his forgetful Granddad, Rufus, and Celeste, a Shreen Angel. It is she who comes to their rescue when the vampire boys, Samuel and Whelan entice them away from the hotel.

Celeste takes them to highest hill not far from a tall imposing castle and shows them Midway's true physical location. It is floating high above the Earth completely unattached. The twins are shocked as you would expect, but even more revelations are to follow as Celeste then takes them through a portal inside a cave back down to their home village.

This transportation causes them to be invisible to those in the village and they are able to witness Mrs. Brimlington enter their house and steal the book they'd discovered in the attic. They follow her to her home where Nick and Mel get split up. Nick enters the house where he is captured by one of the Councillors of Midway, Lord Roth, while Mel waits outside watching.

When Mrs. B leaves with the book, Lord Roth encourages Nick to follow her which he does. She leads him to the churchyard where she confronts him, now visible due to the effect of being inside her house. She summons a demonic creature to capture him, but due to Mel and Celeste's quick thinking, they had followed him and were able to prevent his capture.

Oblivious to all these goings on, Nick returns to the portal to go back to Midway only to be confronted by some evil characters while the girls continue to follow Mrs B. An unknown woman she meets orders her to travel back to a date hundreds of years earlier where she is to read a story aloud to some children.

In the latest chapter, we find out what happened in the village all those years earlier.

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