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The Story So Far

So, I'm now up to chapter 5 of the serialisation of 'The Storyteller's Book'. For any who have been late in starting, or those who have missed a chapter, the story so far has seen us meet 14 year old twins, Nick and Mel.

They think they are normal, living normal lives in a quiet village. When strange things start to happen to them after finding and reading a story from an old book belonging to their dad, doubt about just how normal they are begins to emerge. The short story is about the local legend of a hooded man who lives in a derelict property close by.

Joined by their friends, they venture over to the house one night and are confronted by a man who may be the hooded monster, from the story or was he just a tramp? Whoever he was, a train of events seem to have been set off. Over the next couple of nights, each twin hears an odd fanfare in the night and see monk-like people standing close to their house as if watching them.

Then, they are suddenly sent home from school one lunchtime and bundled into the family car and driven to the secret location called, Midway. Chapter 5 begins when they reach the hotel ...

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