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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors to my website.

Those who have been here over the last few weeks will have seen the extracts from The Chronicles of Midway on the Christmas Month page. I have arranged them in chronological order for the last few days before I replace the page. I have enjoyed reminding myself of those characters from the series and want to introduce many more over this year to give visitors a sample of who lives inside the novels. When that page disappears, I will replace it with a general 'meet the character' page which will start with the main characters, Nick and Mel.

I am avoiding 'New Year Resolutions' as they never last for me, but I certainly have aims and goals for this year. I was disappointed with myself for not completing the second novel of the Terrapenta series in 2017, even though I am well into it, so that will be a priority this year. The other goal is to write more about Bob, the ageing and reluctant ghost hunter who finds himself getting dragged into weird situations he doesn't understand. Unfortunately for Bob, he has a 'gift' for solving the strange problems he comes across which gets himself some unwanted publicity in the village where he lives with his daughter. It's all lighthearted stuff which gives me a little break from the longer novels I write.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my website over 2017 and hopefully you will continue to revisit in 2018. I will update as often as I can with news of my novels, and as usual, any questions or comments are always welcome by email at: and all will be answered by me.

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