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The Chronicles of Midway

I've been busy over the last few months making my final edits of the The Chronicles of Midway. I'm always finding little things to tweak, nothing too serious, certainly no changes to the story, but hopefully - and I know I've said this before - I will not be changing anything ever again.

So where I'm up to now is, the latest versions of all four books in the series will be live and available on Kindle from tomorrow - 26th May.

As for the updated print copies, I won't be having those done until after my holiday in June, so we're looking at the end of July before they're complete and published.

In the meantime I will be putting extracts on The Chronicles of Midway page on this site of all the books, hopefully changing them weekly. To begin with, I have put two short extracts from the first in the series - The Storyteller's Book - This is to give anyone perusing my website who haven't yet read one of my books the opportunity to get a feel for the novels.

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