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Free ebook on Kindle + Competitions

Just to let you all know, The Storyteller's Book will be available for free on Kindle on 8th and 9th October. Just use link on this site to take you right to it.

Also, from 10th until 23rd October, Goodreads are running a Giveaway for The Mines of Kothkish. There are 2 signed print copies available to be won. To register your chance to win, simply go to Goodreads or click the link on the Home page on this site.


To win a signed copy of The Storyteller's Book, answer the following question correctly:

What are the names of the 2 boys Nick and Mel find cowering in the corner of an upstairs room in the old railway house?

Is it -

a) Alan Baxendale and Geoff Perkins

b) Alan Perkins and Geoff Baxendale

c) Andrew Perkins and John Baxendale

Send your answer via the Contacts page. The first correct answer received before October 10th 2016 will win a signed copy of The Storyteller's Book.

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