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Giveaway - Free ebook - Terrapenta

First of all thanks to everyone who has given reviews for The Storyteller's Book over the last couple of weeks. I've decided to re-open this offer until October 9th, so just to remind any readers, I will send a PDF, EPUB or MOBI file of The Storyteller's Book to anyone who will write an honest review and place on Goodreads, Amazon or both.

A final reminder also that until 2nd October, two signed print copies of The Storyteller's Book are available to be won on Goodreads.

For those who have recently checked into my website, ‘The Terrapenta Project’ was sort of finished a couple of months ago, of course it needs editing, but I decided I needed a break so I wrote a short story as a diversion. It wasn’t intended to be long, 2500 words perhaps, but I liked the main character, Bob, and I ended up writing 15,000 words over 6 chapters. It’s a ghost story, called ‘Garden Goyles’, and very much tongue in cheek as suggested by the cover, but it certainly gave me the break I needed.

Up until 9th October anyone who wishes to read Garden Goyles, let me know and I will send a free ebook copy in either PDF, EPUB or MOBI format.

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