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Winners of Goodreads Giveaway

My latest Giveaway ended on 10th May and Goodreads have made the draw. I've been given the names of the 2 winners and I will be sending signed copies of The Storyteller's Book to them this weekend. Many congratulations to them.

I still have a Giveaway running for 4 signed copies of the 2nd book in The Chronicles of Midway series: The Mines of Kothkish. This will be running until 20th June, so there's plenty of time to enter via the Goodreads website. You can find a link on this website.

A quick update on what I'm doing at the moment: I'm close to finishing the 1st draft of my new novel, a mixture of Utopia and Distopia, all in the same book. I'm not sure how many books it'll take to tell this story, it depends where the characters lead me.

Further news will follow.

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