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Welcome to my website.

On this site you will find information about all my books with a little background on how writing has become a major hobby for me. I have written a four novel series aimed at teenagers up to adults of any age and collectively entitled, The Chronicles of Midway. What’s it like being normal teenage twins living normal lives in a normal village, but then discovering you are not actually humans but imposters from another place? This is what happens to Nick and Mel when they are suddenly dragged out of school one lunchtime and whisked off by their parents to a strange place they’ve never been to before.

I have also written a novel, The Terrapenta Project, the first in a new series set in the future during a time of peace and prosperity for humankind. However, not everyone shares in the joys of life this new society offers, in fact, for the few who are randomly selected to enter the TV gameshow, Terrapenta, life will become a living nightmare from which there is no escape.

All the above are also available on Kindle and paperback print copies, and I‘ve also published, on Kindle only, two short, light-hearted novellas about an elderly, reluctant ghosthunter called Bob.

Please see my contacts page for any questions or comments, all emails will be personally answered by me. I hope you enjoy my website.

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