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Busy start to the year

I have been so busy this year I haven’t had time to gives updates of where I’m up to on my blog. So here is a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing.

In December I published the first novel of my new ‘Terrapenta’ series entitled ‘The Terrapenta Project’. However, as soon as it went live I spotted some things in it I did not like – I won’t go into detail, but it had to be corrected – so I set about revising it.

By the time I’d got it to where I wanted it to be, it was mid-January and my excellent interior designer, Jayleen, had to revise the book before re-publishing it. Finally both Kindle and print editions have now gone live on Amazon.

And there’s more …

The Chronicles of Midway is also undergoing a face lift. I am in the process of correcting a few errors I’ve spotted - nothing drastic – but I’m also bringing out a new interior design over the next couple of months for the print copies. Again courtesy of Jayleen.

In the meantime, there is currently a Giveaway running on Goodreads until 26th Feb for entrants to win I of 2 signed copies of ‘The Warlords of Shreen’. Keep watching for or other Giveaways and free Kindle books via Amazon.

Finally, something I’ve always thought about when writing, and that is the multitude of characters that ‘appear’ in books who never get a mention. I’m thinking of passers-by, people in the crowds. If the main characters have lives, so do they. It’s like if you walked past a celebrity in the street who everyone in the country knows something about, their profession as an actor, sports star, TV presenter, but no-one knows anything about you who was on the same train or restaurant. But you have a life too. So I decided to put that idea to my ‘non-celebrities’ in my books and include them in a little series of random ‘observations’ as I’ve chosen to call them. The first is about a young woman called Lissa who lives in a city called Bandar Kedua in Terrapenta and is not even mentioned in 'The Terrapenta Project'.

Have a read on the Terrapenta page of the site.

I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone who happens upon the page.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to keep my updates more regular.

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